What Is A Progressive Jackpot in Slots and How to Trigger It?

what is a progressive jackpot in slots

Do you know what is a progressive jackpot in slots? Playing a progressive slot needs a unique set of abilities and qualities. As players continue to bet on many slot machines, progressive jackpots climb. Find out how to play them!

Everybody who visits a land-based or online casino site dreams about winning one of the progressive slots’ big prizes. Several players believe that if they just know how to get it, they will have a good chance of winning life-changing fortunes.

This page discusses progressive jackpot slots in detail, including how to earn progressive payments and your odds of winning a progressive jackpot.

What Is A Progressive Jackpot in Slots?

Progressive slots are defined by their ever-increasing jackpot payoff. When a player spins the reels, a little portion of their bet goes toward the jackpot reward. As more players spin the reels, the progressive prize grows.

Keep in mind that in the case of local progressive slots, a progressive slot machine does not just take a portion of its bets from one machine, but from multiple. Every stake from every machine on the casino floor can be collected by a single slot machine. The average progressive prize is between $100,000 and $1 million, depending on the number of spins each machine receives.

This variety of slot software is linked through a central server in the case of wide-area network progressive slots. Assume thousands of players all over the world spinning the reels of a single game, all contributing to the jackpot’s rise. Because of the high number of people who play, this type of game can easily approach the $10 million level.

The jackpot prize is the same for both local progressive and wide area network progressive slots. The big jackpot prize is decreased to the lowest amount when a player wins the maximum jackpot reward from one of the machines or the online version of a game. 

This amount varies with each slot and can range anywhere from $10,000 to $1 million. Mega Moolah claims the latter amount, which is guaranteed by Microgaming, the software developer.

Wagering Requirements

Slots feature a betting or wager requirement to be eligible for the progressive jackpot reward. For each spin, this is normally the maximum wager amount or credit denomination.

Even if you don’t meet the wagering requirement, you’ll still be eligible for the slot’s extra bonuses, such as free spins and multipliers, if they’re available. Nevertheless, not aiming for the largest jackpot misses the purpose of playing progressive slots, which typically have lower RTP rates to compensate for the high jackpots.

What Makes Progressive Jackpot Triggers? 

While each progressive slot offers varied ways for players to earn jackpot prizes, the majority of these games employ three similar strategies.

1. Jackpot Wheel

A jackpot wheel mode is one of the more exciting ways to win one of the progressive jackpot slot rewards. A jackpot wheel is made up of multiple slots with a fixed pointer in the middle. When the wheel stops spinning, you collect the cash award from the slot where the pointer lands.

While the mechanics are far simpler than a casino’s money wheel, winning the greatest possible jackpot is much more difficult. In almost every progressive slot with a jackpot wheel trigger, the top reward is a single square on the wheel among many others. 

In games like Mega Moolah, however, every other square can provide you with one of four progressive jackpot payouts. As more players play the slot, the size of each of these prizes increases.

2. Collect Symbol

Another option to win one of the jackpot prizes is to collect a particular number of similar symbols. This is commonly performed by playing a mini-game in which you are offered a variety of objects from which to choose. Behind these objects is the symbol for one of the prizes. The game will end when you gather three of these symbols, and you will be given one of the jackpot prizes.

One example of this progressive slot feature is the Hall of Gods. 15 shields replace the symbols on the reels when the feature is triggered. When you hit the shield, you’ll get one of three jackpot prizes or a cash prize. 

The Mini and Midi jackpots are the only ones that have a fixed amount. The interactive component of obtaining the large payment is what makes this type of jackpot trigger exciting.

Other slots, such as Aristocrat’s Tiki Fire, take the concept of collecting symbols to a new level. Three re-spins are awarded when six or more Fireball symbols appear on the reels, triggering the extra mode. 

Cash rewards, two symbols representing fixed jackpot payouts, and two progressive jackpots are all represented by the fireball symbol. You earn three more re-spins if a Fireball lands on one of the unfilled squares. When the Fireball symbol appears on all five reels, you win the progressive jackpot.

3. Symbol Match

The classic method of earning the jackpot includes matching specified symbols on the reels. On a 13 slot with one payline, this is the same concept as having the highest payout symbols line up. Of course, since we’re talking about progressive slots, matching a certain symbol isn’t as easy.

One example of a slot with this feature is Super Bell Ringer, which offers five separate progressive jackpots. To win the smallest jackpot, 5 Gold Bell symbols must appear on all three reels. 

How do you get the biggest payday possible? You must use the Gold Bell symbol to fill all 9 spots. If you bet less than the maximum number of credits and get 9 Bell symbols, you win 1000x your total bet.

Matching symbols used to be the most popular jackpot trigger, and it is still employed in more traditional slot games. The wheel, on the other hand, has evolved to improve the condition for one simple reason: it provides a sense of anticipation and excitement that is difficult to reproduce with matching or collecting slot symbols.

In the end, the main difference between progressive slots and normal slots is the size and growth of the jackpot prizes. Because you must achieve the most difficult objectives in these games, such as landing on a single place in a jackpot wheel or filling the reels with the bonus symbol, winning them entails a high amount of risk. 

However, there are ways to improve your chances of winning a progressive jackpot, such as playing progressive slots with a mid-to-high volatility rate and a mid-to-high RTP. You also need to know when the best time to play slot and some basic slot strategies.

Well, we just answered your question about what is a progressive jackpot in slots. Now, it is your time to try your best in an online slot game

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