Well of Wishes Slot Review: RTP 95.66% (Red Tiger)

Well of Wishes Slot Review

You must be looking for the Well of Wishes slot review. This game is a brand-new Red Tiger slot, prominently displaying the customary luck-related decor. 

The design of the game, which receives enough attention from visual artists to make it enjoyable to look at and superior to many other antiquated slots, is one thing they got right. With that luck theme, anticipate a game with great potential.

A Brief of Well of Wishes Slot Review

Well of Wishes Slot Review

Well of Wishes uses 5 reels and 10 paylines, and can pay out as much as 5,000 times to the player. The slot’s RTP is a lower-than-average 95.66%, and it also has a high volatility rating. It offers a few respectable options for its main features, including free spins, stacked symbols, wilds, Lucky Spins, and Lucky Coins.

1. Betting Options

You can choose to wager as little as $0.10 every spin on the game’s 10 lines, but you can also choose to wager up to $20 total per spin. The beginning point is simply $0.01, and line bets can be made up to a maximum of $2.

The game did particularly well, in my opinion, when it promised its participants significant rewards. Testing has revealed that the slot machine frequently paid out well over 5,000 times the total bet, which is a strong payout for most contemporary games. 

In the best situation, it should permit awards of over $100,000. Keep in mind that the normal rounds will only pay out up to $6,000 or 300x for the whole free spins feature.

However, do not anticipate a low volatility release in which the best-case scenario is most likely to occur. The RTP is at a below average level, at 95.66%, which is another factor to temper some expectations. Sincere to say, there are better options available, including slots with high volatility, great prizes, and higher RTP.

2. Game Features

The Lucky Coins are the first of the features that may be found in the Well of Wishes. These serve as your wilds, and you can gather more of them as you play. 

Over the course of multiple rounds, they are used to give you a random symbol if you reach 5 in a special meter. There is a chance to receive an additional wild out of that symbol, but it only serves as a wild for that particular round.

You get free spins if the scatter symbols show up three times or more. A re-spin feature is activated for an additional opportunity of landing the feature if you get fewer than three. Once the bonus feature is activated, the game awards you 10 free spins. 

The Lucky Coins feature differs in that the wild symbol you receive from it is present for the entirety of the feature. Even stacked wilds might be obtained in this manner. The free spins feature, which has paid out more than 5,000x total wager during testing, appears to have the most potential for the game.

3. Design and Theme

It’s your normal luck-themed game, and the only thing that sets it apart from other slots in this class is the design’s level of excellence. Lucky Coins, wilds, a rabbit’s foot, a money bag, horseshoes, and four-leaf clovers are among the symbols. 

Last but not least, there are lower value symbols that include Royals, the least intriguing aspect of the game’s layout. Overall, the design is alright, but I’m not impressed. Find nama nama situs judi slot online for where you are playing.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Well of Wishes slot review, the game provides the player with adequate opportunity, and the bonus rounds might be entertaining to a certain extent, but the RTP is not fantastic and the payouts for single spins can be fairly meager at 300x.

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