10 Roulette Rules Betting [3 Minutes to Understand]

Roulette Rules Betting

We can understand that you must be wondering about the roulette rules betting. The roulette rules are not difficult to learn. 

This partly explains its popularity. A roulette tutorial is very accessible and you can quickly master it. But because there are many different variants and strategies, there is quite a lot of depth for experienced players.

What Are The Roulette Rules Betting?

The roulette rules are simple. On a roulette table there are all kinds of different boxes that determine how you can bet. The way you bet also determines how much you can possibly win. First of all, there are the numbers 1 to 36. 

You can bet on them all. In that case, you play to win 36 times your stake. This is also possible by betting on 0. Another option with the roulette rules is to bet your chips on the line between two numbers or the intersection between 4 numbers. In that case, you’ll be playing for a win of 18 or 9 times your initial stake, respectively.

In addition to the boxes with numbers, there are all kinds of other options to bet. Here you see, for example, red and black, even and odd and boxes to bet on the numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. In all these cases you play to double your bet. 

You can also choose one of the boxes with the first, second or last twelve numbers in it. In this case you play for 3 times your stake. You can also do this by placing your bet at the bottom of the field and the row of vertical numbers.

How The Roulette Works?

There are no exciting roulette secrets that you need to know before you start playing. After you have chosen a certain bet, as described above. Once you understand the roulette rules, you immediately know the possibilities. 

The dealer, also known as the croupier, will drop the ball into the box after which the wheel will spin. After that it is no longer in your hands. The goal is therefore quite simple. You win at roulette by correctly predicting where the ball will eventually end up.

Roulette Betting Options

We have already discussed the various ways in which it can be used for the roulette rules betting. However, there are special names for this. See below a brief overview of all betting options that a roulette table offers:

1. Color bet (red or black)

Choose the color red or black for the chance to double your bet if you get it right.

Win: 2x the bet

2. Even or Odd Bet 

Just like with red or black, you can double your bet on odd or even by predicting the round correctly.

Win: 2x the bet

3. Dozen bet

Finally the dozen. This is the option to bet on one of three dozen, numbers 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36 for a win of three times your original stake.

Win: 3x the bet

4. Betting low or high numbers

You can bet on the lowest or highest group of numbers. No further roulette probability calculation is required, your bet can also be doubled here.

Win: 2x the bet

5. Split Bet

With a split bet, you place the chip between two numbers so that you bet on both at the same time, with half the chance of winning a normal single bet.

Win: 18x the bet

6. Transversal bet

A so-called transversal bet is placed on a row of three numbers at the same time, with the chance to take back 12 times your bet.

Win: 12x the bet

7. Line bet 

This is actually a double cross bet, where you bet on a group of six numbers at the same time.

Win: 6x the bet

8. Column Bet 

In this case you are betting at the bottom of the playing field on a vertical row of numbers, which is one third of the total playing field, therefore giving you a roulette payout of three times the bet.

Win: 3x the bet

9. Square Bet 

This betting method means choosing a single number, which can win you 36 times your bet if lucky.

Win: 36x the bet

10. Corner Bet

The Corner Bet is made when the chip is placed on the intersection of four numbers at once, making you play on all four numbers for a win of nine times.

Win: 9x the bet

Well, after you understand the roulette rules betting, it is time for you to enjoy the game in online bandar slot terpercaya casinos or land-based casinos. 

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