One Hundred to One Slot Free Play Review – RTP 95.36%

One Hundred to One Slot Free Play

You must be eager to enjoy the One Hundred to One slot free play, don’t you? Yes, it is a game from Green Tube and Novomatic. 

The game is themed on the dollar bill, at least in theory, as many of the background pictures appear to be inspired by it. It seems more like a classic title when it comes to actual symbols, which is disappointing.

What You Should Know Before Playing One Hundred to One Slot Free Play

You can play on 5×5 reels, with 100 paylines available in this vast game area. The game will frequently award free spins and large multipliers, so while wins of up to 500x total stake may not sound spectacular, they aren’t terrible for this specific slot. The RTP of 95.36%, which we think below average, is a small disadvantage.

1. Wagering Options

Despite the fact that you have 100 paylines, your wagers are cheap, and you can use as little as $0.10 every spin. This bet’s maximum value is $50 each spin, which is fairly reasonable for a slot with 100 lines.

You can win smaller sums for your winning combos, but because there are only a few symbols available and a large number of lines, the symbols will form them frequently. In the regular game, you can win up to 50x your total stake, but the 10x multipliers in free spins mode can push that figure to 500x.

We don’t expect anyone to be overjoyed when they learn that One Hundred to One offers a 95.36 percent RTP. The game is medium volatile.

2. Slot Features

You’ll notice right away that this is a unique game when it loads. It not only has a large game area, with 5×5 reels, but it also only has a few symbols. One of the four possible symbols appears as a blocker, with a white circle on a black background. 

The Free Spins logo (feature trigger) and two normal symbols, which form winning combinations, make up the remaining three. On the reels, there isn’t much variety, which is excellent when trying to create winning combos because it makes it easy. 

The biggest disadvantage is that only 5-symbol combinations can be formed, therefore unlike other slots, getting merely 3 or 4 together is pointless.

The free spins are triggered with the same 5-symbol combination. You only earn one free spin for each combination, but you can get up to 100 if the reels are full with these symbols on all 100 lines. 

Retrieving the feature during those spins is possible, and greater multipliers will be available this time. As you retrigger the free spins, the multipliers increase to 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 10x. At most, you’ll earn 600 free spins in all, with multipliers extending all the way to the end.

3. Design and Theme

When you look at the reels and the mix of Dollar Signs and Bar logos that appear on them, you’ll notice that it’s a classic theme. 

Neither the blocking icons nor the Free Spins symbols offer anything. The quality is poor, and the currency-themed decorations in the background picture aren’t any better.

Final Thoughts

The game is a unique game, but it does not make it exceptional. It’s fun to play because it’s unique, but with a 95.36% RTP, we’re not sure we’d suggest it in the long run. Well, now is your time to take part by playing situs slot gacor One Hundred to One slot free play.

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