How to Play the XL Winter Series at 888poker on a Budget

How to Play the XL Winter Series

Even though the XL Winter Series on 888poker has already begun, there are still plenty of tournaments for you to participate in. The greatest value for money tournaments for the online extravaganza have already been identified by PokerNews.

It’s time to learn how to play the XL Winter Series and tournament through largest buy-in events.

How to Play the XL Winter Series : Introduction

It’s one of the important responsibilities for exercising appropriate bankroll management because not everyone who steps onto the online felt can merely reel off several buy-ins in high stakes tournaments. Satellite tournaments are a terrific way to get a seat for events that are out of your price range.

They allow players with little bankrolls to play beyond their means while also letting them transform a few dollars into a life-changing victory.

Satellites for a number of how to play the XL Winter Series events, including the 500,000 dollars Main Event, are now taking place on the 888poker client.

As a result, we’ve put together this one-stop shop for you to learn how to get into some of the series’ most costly events. Once you’ve determined which activities you’d want to participate in, keep these satellite suggestions in mind.

How to Play the XL Winter Series : PKO 8-Max Satellite Events

As of right now, four satellite events are set for the XL Winter #13 40,000 dollars PKO 8-Max, which starts later today, with more satellites anticipated to be added as the event approaches its 6 p.m. GMT start time.

Each satellite event has a different buy-in and quantity of seats available. The 8.80 dollars satellite has just two tickets available, yet it is the most cost-effective method to attend the targeted event. The 22 dollars tournament follows a deepstack structure and guarantees 30 tickets. This event’s last satellite costs 16.50 dollars and will provide a minimum of 20 seats.

How to Play the XL Winter Series

How to Play the XL Winter Series : Tune Up Satellite Events – XL Winter #22

The 200,000 dollars Tune Up is the second highest guarantee in the season, thus it will draw a lot of attention. At the present, you may qualify for this tournament for free by participating in two freerolls every day. 

How to play the XL Winter Series There are other satellites for 16.50 dollars and 22 dollars on the agenda. Between 10 and 60 seats will be allocated for the 16.50 dollars events, while 40 seats are assured for the 22 dollars satellite.

In addition to the aforementioned, there are several conventional satellites where you may win a 109 dollars ticket. This will allow you to participate in the Tune Up as well as any other 109 dollars XL Winter Series event.

How to Play XL Winter Series :  Get Free Tickets 

Even if some of the events mentioned are out of your price range for the time being, there are a plethora of satellite tournaments available for each event, with entry fees as little as one cent. Depositing players can also get free entries to specific tournaments.

There are a few ways to obtain inexpensive tickets to certain events, and you may do so by going to:

  1. Freerolls from the XL Winter Series,
  2. 888pokerTV and social media tournaments,
  3. Satellites originating from 1
  4. a 400 dollars Welcome Bonus, you’ll get 88 dollars for free

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