Disco Dawgs Slot Machine Review: Looks and All Explanation

Disco Dawgs Slot

Disco Dawgs slot has a 5 column, 3 row playing board with 20 paylines. The redistribution rate is 94% initially, and it can go up to 96%. Here, you are on a dance floor located in a room where lights and colors come out from everywhere. Still, keep your head on your shoulders and take advantage of the Multiplier Wilds, Dancing Multiplier Wilds, and Dancing Wilds features. To do this, you must use the tray filled with gold coins, a diamond bone, a necklace with a golden coin, and the Wild represented by a small dog.


Take a seat on the dance floor, and vibrate to the rhythm of the Disco Dawgs slot machine. The background of the slot is illuminated from all sides by lighting and colored lights. The floor is an assembly of squares of different colors that change according to the music that is playing. On the top, certainly a reflective ball whose light is reflected on everything that exists in this room where life is good and where we dance

The game grid is a piece of furniture decorated with light. On the left side, as on the right side, it is a line of light bulbs arranged one behind the other. The other two sides of the frame are pink, a trendy color from the 70s. In the game board, the classic symbols from the J to the Ace card are worded in a disco style of several colors. Next to these symbols, there is a food tray filled with gold coins, a diamond bone, and a necklace with a gold coin on the end. The Wild is represented by a small dog.

3 Wilds features with multipliers

Disco Dawgs slot is produced based on HTML 5 code. It has 5 columns and 3 rows with 20 paylines.

To win big, you can exploit the features:

Multiply Wilds

Dancing Multiplier Wilds

Dancing Wilds.

Disco Dawgs Slot


Disco Dawgs slot machine from High 5 Games is a fun and vibrant game that takes you to the dance floor for a night of grooving and spinning. With its 5-column, 3-row playing board and 20 paylines, you have the opportunity to win big while enjoying the colorful disco-themed graphics and upbeat soundtrack. The redistribution rate starts at 94% and can go up to 96%, giving you decent odds of landing a big payout.

The game features classic symbols from the J to the Ace card that are styled in a disco theme with various colors. Alongside these symbols, you’ll find a food tray filled with gold coins, a diamond bone, a necklace with a gold coin, and a Wild symbol represented by a small dog. The game board itself is decorated with lights and surrounded by pink frames, giving it a retro 70s vibe that matches the disco theme perfectly.

Disco Dawgs slot from Lexispoker slot site is produced based on HTML5 code, making it accessible on desktop and mobile devices. Whether you’re a fan of disco or not, this game is sure to get you grooving and spinning for big wins. So grab your dancing shoes, turn up the volume, and get ready to boogie with the Disco Dawgs slot machine.

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