Burning Hot 6 Reels Review (RTP 95.97% | EGT)

Burning Hot 6 Reels Review

Burning Hot 6 Reels review will help you as a guidance to earn big prizes. It is one of several EGT slots launched that share a common theme but have a variety of lines and reels. 

They seem to strive to change the gameplay as much as possible while using the same basic images over and over again, with 5, 20, or 40 lines and 5 or 6 reels. 

It doesn’t help that the visuals in question are based on iconic fruits, making them extremely ubiquitous in slot machines. Aside from the game layout and common topic, let’s explore what else this slot has to offer.

A Brief of Burning Hot 6 Reels Review

To begin with, this is a 6-reel slot machine, as the name implies. It only has 5 active lines, which is rather limited, but it still manages to deliver high rewards of up to 3,000x the stake. Clover Wilds, Star and Dollar Sign scatters are among the game’s features.

1. Wagering Options

When choosing the amount that will comprise your wager for the following spin, you will have to consider two factors. One is the credit value, while the other is the quantity of coins. 

Five separate Spin buttons, positioned in the middle of the bottom row, allow you to place specific coin wagers. The wager is set and the spin begins as soon as you click, so be careful not to click on a high one by accident. Bets can be made in increments of 10, 20, 50, 100, or 200 coins.

Burning Hot 6 Reels offers very good top rewards, with the Lucky 7 symbol providing the best profits. Its combinations of up to 6 symbols can pay up to 600 times the bet on each line, or 3,000 times the stake if all lines are covered with these symbols at the same time.

There are also four separate display zones, each with a different card suit linked with it, where the game’s progressive jackpots are announced at the top of the screen.

2. Game Features

When it comes to the actual features included in Burning Hot 6 Reels, we get a rather standard combination, which begins with the Clover Wild. This is a substitution, which means it can be used in place of any of the standard symbols to form new winning combinations. 

Furthermore, this symbol has the capacity to extend, allowing it to cover all locations on the reel. The Clover symbol appears exclusively on the center four reels, thus it will not pay out on its own. The other 2 feature symbols are scatters that can be used to win cash prizes.

For 2 to 6 symbols in view, the Dollar Sign shows on all six reels, awarding prizes ranging from 2x to 500x the wager. Only the Purple Star appears in the center four columns, and hitting three or four of them will pay out 10x or 200x your stake, accordingly.

3. Theme and Design

You’re looking at a really simple theme with classic symbols that include a lot of fruits and other well-known symbols. 

The design is also of low quality, so don’t expect a new release. Clover, Dollar Sign, and Purple Star are among the featured symbols. Melon,  Grape, Bell, Lemon, Cherry, Plums, and Oranges are the regular symbols.

Final Words

In the end of Burning Hot 6 Reels review, it is a unique slot machine, at least in terms of the classic video slot category it belongs to, but it won’t offer you anything truly unique. It might work for an oldies fan, but nowadays, newer players have more options to pick from, especially Slot olympus site.

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